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Yokota AB, Japan (accessible from any computer)        Yokota AB, Japan (only accessible from a military computer)


Interactive Customer Evaluation       


Yokota Travelog        374 AW/IPO        Airman Leadership School        Softbank Telecom Corp            Allied Telesis - Residential Phone Directory    Allied Telesis - Business Phone Directory    Common Phone Numbers and Helpful Web Pages (From Yokota AFRC)        Airman's Attic - Yokota        Yokota Base Library        Fitness AFI for Yokota (374AW AFI 10-248)        Travel Plan (PACAF)        Yokota's "Water Cooler"        Yokota's Computer Training Center

Naval Air Facility Atsugi (weather)


Yokota Webmail

Sites for the Resource Advisor



Yokota SharePoint Sites:

Yokota XP (SharePoint)        Yokota XPI (Exercise and Inspections) (SharePoint)        Yokota IG/EET (EET Workspace) (SharePoint)       Yokota Operations Group (SharePoint)        MXG - CCK (SharePoint)        Submit a computer "Trouble Ticket" to the MXG CCK        Yokota ADPE (SharePoint)            FSS/FSMP (SharePoint)        374 MXG Unit Compliance SharePoint