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VITA (IRS) Intake Sheet (Form 13614C)        Your Federal Income Tax (2010) Pub 17        Federation Of Tax Administrators        State Tax Guide 2011 (for use by US Military VITA Programs for tax year 2010)


Click here to see if the IRS sent you a 2010 Economic Recovery Payment (Schedule M entry)

Where's My Refund        Economic Stimulus Payments Information Center        Moving / change of address        What is the $3.00 towards the Presidential Election Fund?        Where to mail your tax return (International)            Where to mail your tax return (Domestic)        Self Employment Business Code


Armed Forces' Tax Guide Pub 3        Form 1040X (Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return)        Child Tax Credit Pub 972

U.S. Department of Education (The Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs


Exchange or Conversion Rate

Travel, Entertainment, Gift, and Car Expenses (Pub 463)

Residential Rental Property (Pub 527)

Student Training Guide (2009) Pub 4491

Tax Benefits for Education (2008) Pub 970

Your Federal Income Tax 2010) Pub 17        Your Federal Income Tax (2009) Pub 17            Your Federal Income Tax (2007) Pub 17            Your Federal Income Tax (2006) Pub 17

Child Tax Credit (2006) Pub 972            Child Tax Credit (2005) Pub 972

A Brief Overview of Depreciation

For child and dependent care credit (Form 2441) overseas, enter "LAFCP" in the space for the care provider's taxpayer identification number (Living Abroad Foreign Care Provider)



Notes:  (in progress...)



California - Remember, the tax payer is usually a non-resident - fill out the military information on the form CA 540NR Pg 1 and on form CA CA NR Pg 1 (remember to scroll down and subtract the military income from the return on line 7)


Hawaii information


Kansas County and School District Codes



Maryland        Maryland County and Abbreviation Codes

Massachusetts    Form 1 (includes Schedule HC instructions)

Michigan School District Codes

Missouri fill out MO A

Mississippi - Residents living out of state enter a county code of 90.

Missouri County Codes

Missouri School District Numbers (2009)


New Jersey Taxation  


New York School District Codes - For NY military non-residents, use Form IT 203 and enter "S-7" on line 29 and the amount of military pay to deduct


North Carolina for Military and County Codes


Ohio Public School District Numbers

Oklahoma - Military FAQ - Personnel from Oklahoma are residents.  Fill in OK 511 Pg 1.  If the spouse is not from OK, file the OK return as MFS (select the radio button for item 3 and that will change the return to MFS).  Ensure you fill out the "Partial Military Pay Exclusion Worksheet" at the bottom of form OK 511 Pg 3.

Pennsylvania School District Codes


Virginia Where to File and Locality Codes


Click here for my "Taxes" page for tax year 2009 (if you can't find the answer above, you may be able to find it in the 2009 page).


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